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System Components:

  • Remote Power Module (RPM) - Off Seat Mounted
  • Remote USB Port (RUP) – Easily Replaceable Without Costly Electronic Circuitry and available in Single, Dual or Combination Models
  • Seat Cables with In-Line Disconnect
  • Complete Seat and Airframe Installation Kit

USB power

System Features:

  • 2.1AMPs on-demand USB-A Power
  • 3.0 AMPs on-demand USB-C Power
  • No MCU/CLCU required
  • Customizable Faceplate (Color & Logo)
  • Lowest Material Cost Possible
  • “Power Available” LED light at each USB Port
  • For Type C : 45 watts and 60 watts soon be available

Includes Important Safety Features:

  • Over-Current Protection
  • Thermal Shut-Down
  • Short-Circuit Protection

Installation Features:

  • No intrusion into passenger space!
  • Universal design applies to all typical seat models
  • No service bulletin or TSO change required from seat OEMs
  • Seat installation is accomplished using standard STC certification
  • STC certification applicable on all 9G & 16G seat types
  • Comes with complete installation kit
  • Lowest cost – material & installation
  • Shortest installation time of all power systems

The entire program can be completed via standard STC!

Downloads and videos:

Fast USB Power Inflight Canada