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  • Fits all existing cabinet, no mods required.
  • User Friendly, simple operation.
  • “Master Kill Switch” Compliant.
  • Selectable Video sources (VTR, MMD & Servers).
  • Can provide Audio only, PA, Volume & Key-line Control.
  • Eliminates requirements for Tapping Units.



System Features:

  • Multiple (3ea) language support for each video source.
  • Direct supply of power and video to 12ea LCD monitors without the use of separate Tapping Units.
  • Keyline for PA and video sources “pause”.
  • Keyline for Oxygen System or cabin decompression interface.
  • Constant “Back-Lit” front panel for ease of operation under low light conditions.
  • Forced air cooling for improved reliability in confined arga.

Technical Information:

  • P/N: 101-0602-001
  • Dimensions: 4’’ H, 5.5’’ W, 8” D
  • Weight: 3.3lb.
  • Power Requirements: 28VDC, 20W

Downloads and videos: