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   See our IFC PAX Disability PASS System video here

System Features :

OUR PASS SYSTEM puts all service controls Reading & Call Lights + USB Power and now adds functional Air Vent Controls conveniently located in the armrest of the seat.

  • PASS System is built on IFC’s existing PSS system for wide-body aircraft flying all over the world.
  • PASS System provides passengers with disabilities Dignity and Independence by giving them Individual   Control over their personal Comfort and Needs.
  • Passengers with disabilities can Access Reading Lights, Flight Attendant Call Light, Air Vent Control & USB power all at their armrest.
  • Utilizes Existing Boeing PSU & Airbus PSIU Panels.
  • No Seat Box Required.
  • Completely Scalable – PASS System can be installed on just 1-2 rows or the entire aircraft.
  • No Seat SB or TSO Changes Necessary.
  • DO-160G Approved.
  • Fast Overnight Installation.
  • Braille included.

Passenger Accessibility and Services System (PASS)



Passenger Accessibility and Services System (PASS)
Passenger Accessibility and Services System (PASS)