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The PES/PSS+USB System:

Inflight Canada’s Passenger Entertainment and Passenger Services System has the patent protected and unique feature of PCU embedded 2.1AMPs USB Power at each passenger place.

This PES/PSS+USB System is economical, adaptable and scalable to any aircraft type as well as any airline specific configuration and will interface with any aircraft and any IFE system. With the PES/PSS+USB System, Customer Airlines will now be able to resolve problems with existing, aging, obsolete and inflexible PES/PSS and CSS systems, eliminate increasingly frequent failures of these old systems, reduce weight and all aircraft types can use the same interchangeable system components.

The following information will explain how this Inflight Canada PES/PSS and USB System will save costs, reduce spares, maintenance time and best of all enhance the passenger experience!

The IFC PES/PSS+USB System is designed to fit into any aircraft type or model and is small enough to fit into any seat type or model.

The PES/PSS+USB System is a direct replacement for any B767 PES/PSS system and will interface with any CSS or CIDS systems on any aircraft with the patented and unique feature of 2.1AMPs of USB Power at each PCU.

The system is scalable from B777/B767, A330/A340 down to B737/B757, the A320 family, the C-Series type of aircraft and all regional jets using the same part numbers. Certified, and operational on 767s, 777s, & A330s.

A new version is being designed for an up-scale for use on the B747-400.


The PES/PSS+USB System

Product description

PES = Passenger Entertainment System, (audio channel and volume selection at the seat PCU).
PSS = Passenger Service System, (Reading and Cabin Crew Call Light/Chime at the seat PCU).
USB = 2.1AMPs USB Power embedded into the PCU or as a stand-alone USB Power Port.

The PCU can be arranged with any combination or any single feature.

The Customer Airline may select any one of or any combination of these features depending on what it wants to offer its passengers and if the target aircraft are twin aisle or single aisle. The “Passenger Experience” consists largely of the features that are contained on the “Passenger Control Unit,” or PCU. The main features of the PCU are:

Product description

The main features of the PCU are:

  • The USB charging port
  • The Flight Attendant call button
  • The Flight Attendant call reset button
  • The Reading Light control button
  • The Audio controls
  • The key pad back-light
  • Intuitive maintenance procedures.

When a passenger activates the PCU the key pad illuminates providing positive guidance. A passenger might desire to call the flight attendant. When the flight attendant call request is activated, the seat call lamp is activated above the seat group. In addition, the PCU enters a call active state in which the back-light gently pulses to provide positive feedback and indicates to the flight attendant which passenger in the seat group initiated the request. When the call request is activated by a passenger seated in a middle or window seat, the Flight Attendant can locally reset the request from the aisle seat of the group to avoid unnecessary disturbance of intervening passengers.

In addition to the necessary functions of flight attendant call, call reset and overhead reading light, the PCU also supplies a convenient and powerful 2.1AMPs USB Power charging port for personal electronic devices such as iPads, mobile phones and other USB compatible devices. The PSS system is controlled by the cabin crew from the Flight Attendant Control Panel typically located at Door L1. The control panel also activates the BITE system.

The IFC PES/PSS+USB System on a typical Widebody Aircraft

Widebody Aircraft

Audio MUX

Audio MUX

P/N IFC-5034-001. 2MCU, 24 channels stereo or mono audio entertainment, 8 chanels stereo or mono video- audio multiple language plus stowage capacity for BGM/ Safety Announcements.



PAX Lighting Control Unit, P/N IFC-5026-001. Fits into any B767 PSU Panel, operates up to 4ea. Reading Lights, either incandescent or new LED.
‘’Applicable to B767 only’’



Column Integration Controller Unit, P/N IFC-5027-004. Integrates columns on B767 or A330 CIDS/ECIDS and B777 CSS systems.



Seat Junction Box, P/N IFC-5031-002. Fits any seat assy, provides PES, PSS and +USB features up to 4 PCUs. Less than 0.35 lbs/.16 kg



DC Power Supply, P/N IFC-5030-001/-002. Converts aircraft 110vac @ 400hz to 28vdc